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Why Resolutions Don't Work...Usually...(and What Works)
Are you still making new year's resolutions? Or you can't be bothered anymore? If you are beating yourself up for not keeping up your resolutions, read this for some inspiration!

Beating It with the Beets....
Did you know how beet roots and beet leaves are both nutritious and may help you prevent or recover faster from the common cold, support detox, weight loss, to have high energy and so on?

Why am I NOT (100%) raw vegan?
While I support a high raw vegan diet in general I am not 100% raw vegan. Why not? How do you find out if you may have nutrient deficiency?

Essential oils for humans and animals
Why do you choose certain oils and not others? Why are essential oils so useful for animals, especially dogs and horses?

The Many Faces of MSG
What do you need to know about MSG? What does it do in the body? What are the different names of MSG? What is safe level?

Flu Prevention - preferably drug-free...
Did you know most vaccines contain toxic amount of mercury - a deadly toxin? How to fortify yourself to avoid getting flu? Why do we get sick in the change of season?

Is Milk "Nature's Perfect Food"?
Why do people improve their health when they eliminate dairy? Where do you get nutrients you could have got from high quality milk (that no longer exists in commercial market)?

Eight Things You Are Likely to Get From Milk (And Strong Bone Is Not One Of Them)
Should you take Michelle Yeoh's advice and drink milk for strong bones? Hear it out from the doctors of "Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine"...

Keys to Peak Performance
Keys to peak performance in sports are similar to peak performance in other areas in life. Andrew Cox shares his professional advice.

How To Attract Positive Things Into Your Life
This is a very inspiring and practical article about having a fulfilling life. Must read if you want to attract more positive people and conditions in your life.

Chemicals and Depression (original title: Depression: Detox Outweighs Drugs)
This quoted article discusses how common chemicals can cause depression, and what anti-depression drugs do in the body, and compares it with detox and giving the body proper nutrients

The Chocolate Controversy - The Big Difference of Chocolates
This is about common misconception about "chocolates" and how to distinguish really "healthy" chocolates

Detoxing the Body...and the Planet
We believe we cannot detox our body without detoxing our planet. This article answers common detox questions and provide information about detoxing the planet.

Top 12 Wellness Tips for the New Year
“Wellness” refers to a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being. While health is a pre-requisite of being “well”, wellness is above and beyond the

My favourite SuperFood Breakfast Smoothie

Do You Need A Detox?
What does "detox" mean to you? Can you use a detox? Take a toxic risk and toxic level test here...

Top 12 Common Toxins and What They Might Do to You
There have been thousands of chemical toxins released to our environment in the last few decades. Here are the top 12 common ones we are exposed to everyday and what they may do to us.

Cell Phone Use and Cancer, Fertility and Children's Development
What is the price we are paying for our wireless convenience? How to limit exposure?

The Power Of Habit
We are creatures of habit. These are tips from an experienced wellness coach and author of "Wellness Coaching for Lasting Lifestyle Change" for dealing with habit.

What Could Be Stopping You?
Suppose you are clear of your priorities in your life, and you REALLY are ready to have wellness like your life depends on it. What could still be stopping you or slowing you down? Let’s examine two o

From Resolution to Reality
Studies show that most people's New Year's Resolution would be out of the window by the end of Jaunary. (Sounds familiar?) Here are some practical tips on how to turn your resolutions into reality..

The "Flowers" Inside Your Body
One can’t walk down the street, turn on TV, read a magazine without confronting our culture’s collective obsession with our body shape and weight. Almost half of the ads one sees here in HK have to

Don't Take Another Supplement Without Reading This...
Do you sometimes wonder why some people who seem to eat all the “wrong” foods live a long and happy life? And why some people who are so health conscious and eating all the “right” foods and suppleme

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